So I’ve been knocked out by the awesome reaction I got to my latest single, ‘Free Falling Down’ 🙂

Here’s just a few of my faves and thanks to everyone for supporting my new Heckyl project:

“Heckyl returns with another banger… It’s not easy but Heckyl has a knack for writing those chorus lines that stick forever… I once read that Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has a notebook and in it lies several formulas for the perfect pop song. Not sure if that is true or not really but it might be the same for the man behind Heckyl.” The Sounds Won’t Stop

“Free Falling Down is yet another example of Heckyl’s singing and songwriting abilities, wrapped around a warm electronic production that enhances the important issues of his storytelling. Have a listen to this gem below!” caesarlivenloud

“An exciting tune, that will make you reflect upon your own social media habits. Highly recommended!”  We Are Your Mix

“the artist also released the single ‘Free Falling Down’, the fourth single… Continuing its work this sound features an electropop vibe, full of synths and beautiful harmonies, coupled with lyrics that describe the futility of chasing your dreams through the world of social media where you “like” and constantly scroll through the “feeds” they replaced true personal interaction.”  Osgarotosdeliverpool

“His (Luke / Heckyl) experience in writing catchy music that easily slips into the listener’s heart is undeniable, and his new project Heckyl takes that skill of his further… And while this song is super serious, his emotional vocals and wonderful production still offer a lot for the ears. It also feels a bit rewarding for those of us who have managed to remain dominant over the social media. That freedom tastes sweet.” lessthan1000followers

AND please look out for my new single, ‘Bubblegum’, that is out on August 27th. Thanks!