Just want to thank Record of the Day for their awesome support and great review of my latest single, ‘Stranger’. Here’s an edit from it:

“Written and produced at his Sweet Factory studio, the track is a gloriously hooky affair with its almost Kygo-esque rhythm, swirling synths and lush harmonies. Early support has come from Pop Muzik, but more are sure to follow…” The whole thing is here

Similarly, the review from Sweden’s POPMUZIK (translated by Google) reads:

“Stranger is an explosive EDM-inspired pop song that carries a deeper meaning. The song marks the second single from this new artist and is a mix of catchy melodies, parts and Kygo-like rhythms. The soundscape is mammoth and warm at the same time as it is crispy and flirts with both tropical house and pop.” Full review here

There are more too. Just click into the following reviews…

Caesar Live N Loud

Thanks to my good friend César over in beautiful Madeira for that one and thanks to Niko at Indie Music Centre for his awesome review too – Indie Music Centre

And I’d just like to announce here first that the next Heckyl single, ‘Side Where You Slept’ is out on June 18th, 2021. More about this soon! Thanks.