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Welcome to Heckyl Music

Heckyl is the new artist project from songwriter and producer Luke Potter

They are personal pop songs that are inspired and informed by… “a monster underneath my bed, but at night he crawls into my head”

And they capture a world where anxiety, love and creativity come together in the form of ‘Heckyl’.

“Heckyl will take you on your own personal journey of emotions wrapped in a pop singer / songwriter vibe. He is the Monster that lives inside your head trying to fill it with anxiety. Sometimes he’s shouting and other times he’s just a whisper but the one thing you know is that he’s always there waiting for you. 

The songs will tell the story of when the monster is your enemy causing negativity – and when you have let him be your friend allowing you to see the importance of appreciating the good in life, including being creative.

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Latest News

Free Falling Down

19 July 2021|

My 4th Heckyl single, ‘Free Falling Down’ is out now on Spotify, Apple and everywhere digital 🙂

The song is how I feel about the damage that social media does to today’s youth. We live in a world where everyone has the ability to judge each other through a screen, leading to more and more people dealing with anxiety and self-esteem issues.

“Who are we?
Scrolling through a screen for a feeling
and it carries no meaning
how empty, must we be to search for likes for attention…”

Free falling down jpeg

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Side Where You Slept – OUT NOW

21 June 2021|

So the singles keep coming fast and I’ve got a lot more ready to go. Thinking I’ll be putting a new single out every 4 weeks for the rest of 2021 and maybe an EP too 🙂

The latest release is ‘Side Where You Slept’ that came out on June 18th through all the major Digital providers. You can find it here:

“‘Side Where You Slept’ captures that moment after a tough break up where you haven’t quite come to terms with what you’ve lost, waking up in the middle of the night expecting to put your arms around your loved one and realising they’re not there.”

SideThatYouSlept FINAL

Had some great feedback already that I’m really grateful for including this one from my good friend César… please have a read! 



Great Reviews & Thanks to:

16 May 2021|

Just want to thank Record of the Day for their awesome support and great review of my latest single, ‘Stranger’. Here’s an edit from it:

“Written and produced at his Sweet Factory studio, the track is a gloriously hooky affair with its almost Kygo-esque rhythm, swirling synths and lush harmonies. Early support has come from Pop Muzik, but more are sure to follow…” The whole thing is here

Similarly, the review from Sweden’s POPMUZIK (translated by Google) reads:

“Stranger is an explosive EDM-inspired pop song that carries a deeper meaning. The song marks the second single from this new artist and is a mix of catchy melodies, parts and Kygo-like rhythms. The soundscape is mammoth and warm at the same time as it is crispy and flirts with both tropical house and pop.” Full review here

There are more too. Just click into the following reviews…

Caesar Live N Loud

Thanks to my good friend César over in beautiful Madeira for that one and thanks to Niko at Indie Music Centre for his awesome review too – Indie Music Centre

And I’d just like to announce here first that the next Heckyl single, ‘Side Where You Slept’ is out on June 18th, 2021. More about this soon! Thanks.

New Single – Stranger

7 May 2021|

My new single, ‘Stranger‘, is out today. It’s all about about late night anxiety and dealing with that voice in your head that tells you that you’re lost… it’s the voice that also like to brings up bad memories and remind you of things you wish you’d done or hadn’t done.

 “There’s a monster underneath my bed

But at night he crawls into my head

Sometimes I wish that the sun would never set

Cus maybe then I’d finally get some rest”

Click HERE to listen on Spotify, OR

Click HERE to listen on SoundCloud

Hope you all like it and please feel free to email me any time with any questions or anything x



2 April 2021|

‘Preacher’, my first single as Heckyl, is out in the world now! You can hear it here

Really thankful for all the great feedback the media have been giving it…

CLOUT Magazine described it as “Melodically beautiful and enchanting… A glistening track with energetic percussion that will instantly get your feet tapping, ‘Preacher’ is best described as a hit. One of the strongest debuts of the year, ‘Preacher’ gives insight into an exceptional future ahead for Heckyl”

NOTION said, “Synth led the track speaks to melody of a modern-day pop song. This new look marks an exciting step for this songwriter and producer with a vast potential.”

Record of the Day chose Preacher as their RotD on March 30th saying,  “Let us introduce you to Heckyl, the new artist project from RotD favourite Luke Potter. This vibrant, synth-led number with an Ed Sheeran-like hook and energetic beat is the first of six singles he has recorded to be released this year under his new alias. The track is off to a great start and is sure to pick up more online love over the next few days with its infectious vibe.”

And, finally, my good friends César at Caesar Live N Loud commented, “Preacher is a radiant pop song packed with memorable melodies and an overall feel-good atmosphere that instantly got me hooked to it. I am a fan of his lovely, distinctive vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of his beautifully-written storytelling. Definitely an enthralling listening experience and another great example of Luke’s talents”

IMG 0085

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